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FootGolf Association of England



What is FootGolf ➔

FootGolf is a burgeoning sport that amalgamates the fundamental principles of football and golf. The primary objective of the game is to kick a football into a sequence of holes on a golf course, with the least number of kicks possible. This sport is gaining traction worldwide and is an enjoyable activity for individuals of all ages and proficiency levels.

OUR mission ➔

The FootGolf Association of England is dedicated to delivering an exceptional and distinctive experience to all our esteemed members and guests. Our mission is to foster a warm and inviting atmosphere where players of all ages and abilities can relish the game of FootGolf. We cordially invite you to join us at a competition or by joining one of our Club league teams and discover firsthand why FootGolf rapidly gaining popularity as one the most sought-after sports.


✚ ENGLISH Club League

The English Club League is designed as a fun and friendly entry to competitive FootGolf

Please view our Clubs & Regional Divisions 


The English Tour is a combination of singles and pairs tournaments where players from across England compete for ranking positions and places.

Please view our tour schedule for our next competition 

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