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National Tour 2024 ➔

The English National FootGolf Tour runs from mid-March to early October and gives like-minded FootGolfers the chance to play at professionally run events around the country. 


The English National FootGolf Tour gives FootGolfers several opportunities to get involved on the Tour with nine playing categories to compete in, our five main categories are -

  1. Men

  2. Female

  3. Over 45

  4. Junior

  5. Over 55

With additional categories –

  1. Men (Amateur)

  2. Over 45 (Amateur)

  3. Female (Amateur)

  4. Over 65 

  5. Newcomer (Club League only)


The English National FootGolf Tour offers FootGolfers the chance to qualify for Regional Teams throughout the season and the ultimate achievement, to play for your country at any of the four National team events on offer, 

  1. Brainstrust Cup

  2. Four Nations Cup

  3. FIFG European Championships

  4. FIFG World Cup


But most importantly it is to be crowned England National Number One at the end of the calendar Year within your playing category. 



Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 10.23.51.png

FIFG Licence 2024 ➔

The English National FootGolf Tour requires an FIFG Tour Licence to compete in most of our Tour events.

Additional Tour points and rankings are available on –

  1. EuroFootGolf Rankings

  2. World Tour Rankings

Payments for a Tour Licence are paid to the World Governing body (FIFG) Federation for International FootGolf, 50% of your payment is sent back to your member Association to assist with the growth of FootGolf within the Country.

Memberships available –

  1. Full Membership = £18 per calendar Year

  2. Recreational Membership - £10 per calendar Year

The recreational Licence gives a member access to two FIFG100 events, upgrades are available.

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